not tonight, josephine;

.44 calibur love letter

Arsenic & Old Lace
ash tree lane
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(this is not for you)
  new slang,  when you notice the stripes, ...and the skill, 1930s shoes, 1940's fashion, abandonded buildings, and of course solitude, are we kissing distinctly american?, articulation, as i lay dying, b-grade horror films, ballet, banana republic, betty grable, black&white photography, cair paravel & the last battle, chasing uniforms and dress blues, cheesecake photography, clark gable, coffin nails, coheed and cambria, curbstomping, death cab for cutie, death from above 1979, deleted tourists, delicacies like hope, ellipsis, empty bottles, english literature, existentialism, from autumn to ashes, german officer lugers, godspeed you black emperor, gone with the wind, gwendolyn, hulahoop wounds, it happened one night, jayne mansfield, just stay where you are!, kiss me deadly, kiss me once in the snow, knife-throwing, lucid dreaming, ludwig van beethoven, marches and manuvers, marlene deitrich, marlene dietrich, marlon brando, men in uniform, murder by death, napoleon & josephine, neopolitan ice cream, normandy invasion, offending you and making enemies, old school modest mouse, phonecalls after midnight, photography, pointe, saleen s281, self-portraits, shin guards & soccer balls, sick city daggers, silence, sniper rifles, soy milk, spelling things like the british, spinning in circles, studio b, sunset boulevard, swearing in french, team angelina, texas is the reason, the appleseed cast, the great divorce, the ashes of heroes, the original star wars trilogy, the real horror show, turn now and forfeit, usmc, vaudeville  slang, vinyl records, wanderlust, world wars one&two, writing, y'all and not yall, your coffin or mine?, your severed head, ∞ {infinity}